RESTYLANE is the most tried and tested aesthetic treatment in its class with outstanding safety performance over more than 10 years!

Used for smoothing out wrinkles and lines, for filling  out and shaping lips, defining facial contours and improving the quality  of the skin. Restylane is the world’s most documented hyaluronic acid  product for esthetic use and has been on the market. Over 11 million Restylane treatments have been carried out all  over the world.

Youthful skin in naturally rich in a substance called hyauronic acid (HA) which binds water to keep skin looking healthy, hydrated and firm. As we age hyauronic acid (HA) becomes less efficient, leading to loss of support in the skin, loss of firmness and the appearence of lines. Restylane is an injectable form of pure HA that closely resembles the body’s own natural HA. When injected directly into the skin, Restylane counters the visible effects of ageing.

Restylane revitalises lookins in less than one hour

Restylane gives your looks an immediate boost, smoother;healthier; more youthful-looking skin. Restylane can also restore high cheek bones or correct a weak, receded chin. Restylane has advantages of stimulating collegen production and improving skin elasticity – both of which have been proven in recent clinical studies. Restylane treatment usually takes no more than 30 minutes. You can see the results instantly and it’s usually long lasting too (6-9 months in the cheeks/chin and up to a year in facial lines).

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