Vibration Station


Lots of people have heard about vibration training. This is the exercise you get by standing on a vibration plate and doing various moves and positions to help you tone muscle and help you lose weight. But while many people have heard about it, many are skeptical that it will work. This is because it really does seem too good to be true.

Vibration plate training is a low-impact form of exercise and all you really have to do is stand on a platform that vibrates. There’s little sweating that’s involved, and you also probably won’t find yourself huffing and puffing either. Because of this, vibration plate training gets a lot of criticism. But, it’s true! Vibration plate training really does work! And here’s how.

When standing on a vibration plate, the platform will vibrate and move in many different ways. The speed at which the vibration plate moves is totally up to you but of course, the faster you go, the more benefits you’ll get out of your vibration plate training. But as the plate moves, your muscles are also forced to move. As the platform drops, your muscles are forced to elongate and tighten. Then, in less than a half of a second, the platform moves back up only to repeat the cycle and have it move down again. This cycle forces your body and your muscles to move, thereby forcing it to work and get in shape!

This type of workout has actually been compared to doing about 3,000 leg bends, which of course would be impossible with a traditional workout. This means that not only does vibration plate training work, but it’s the best kind of workout that you can get! Not only can you exercise your muscles even more with a vibration plate, but it’s low-impact which is ideal for people who suffer from arthritis or have problems with their joints. And many people who are excessively overweight have also said that it’s a great start to getting in shape because you don’t need to be extremely fit already to do it effectively!

Alana Hair & Beauty recommend 3 15 minute sessions a week for 3 weeks to drop a dress size!