Skin Tags

These are a common fibrous  skin condition, commonly associated with the ageing process, and most

Skin tags

often found on the neck of the middle-aged and elderly. The tags can be either single or multiple, and consist of soft pedunculated loose fibrous tissue. The  colour may be unchanged, but there is often hyper-pigmentation, which  makes them more obvious.  The most common location is the sides of the  neck, where they form a tear-drop formation. The stalks of the tags can be treated successfully  with diathermy coagulations by a skilful electrologist, trained in minor  cosmetic surgery, once medical approval has been granted. Therapy treatment will be limited by the presence of skin tags, to avoid catching them and causing discomfort.

Many people are inconvenienced or embaressed by skin tags. Skin tags are very common and can be easily removed. Some people have just one skin tags, others may have clusters, often in areas of friction such as the neck,thighs,groin,neck,eyelids, armpits and back. Without removal they can cause irratation or grow into larger sizes, causing further doscomfort and embaressment. These can be simply removed by our trained specilaists at your convenience.

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