Skin Disorders & Blemishes

Within the UK, there are common skin disorders and blemishes which can be removed or significantly improved with just a few treatments and techniques. Many people learn to live with such conditions, not realising that they can remove their unwanted blemishes or other skin problematic disorders in just a short time. Modern technology can remove them with safe, effective and affordable treatments within a short time. These simple, effective treatments can restore confidence and well being.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures

Spider Naevus
These common dialated blood vessels on the skin are often found in isolation, in clumps and on areas such as the cheeks. These can be simple to treat and make a significant difference to the surface of the skin.

Warts can be very unsightly and cause much discomfort. There are various types of warts including verrucas, plane, common and seborrhoeic. Such warts can be easily treated in clusters or individually. Seborrhoeic warts are very common with natural ageing and can vary in size, growing up to two inches across. It’s advisable that warts are treated as early as possible to prevent further growth and spreading to other areas.

Tiny white hard lumps which appear just under the surface of the skin. Their cause is unknown, but often associated with dry skin whihc can be acidic. Easily treated by our skin specialist, these can imprive the appearance and texture of the skin.

Thread Veins
Thread veins which are permenantly dilated capillaries, can present a red spider like skin surface which can very in surface area and position on the body. These are most common on the facial areas, particularly on or near the nose, where the skin is exposed to harsh weather conditions. Other reasons include ageing, hormones, pregnancy,smoking,sports and other such activities which expose the skin to the weather. Easily treated, removing thread veins can significantly improve the appearance of the skin and complexion. For more information on this treatment, please click here.

Blood Spots
These bright red spots, slightly raised on the surface of the skin. Most people over the age of 30 have one or more blood spots on the body and are notably more common amoungst men than women. Fast and effective treatments are available to remove such skin imperfections.

Skin Tags
Frequently found on the neck and face as well as the underarm and groin, these mushroom type appearences can be simply removed. Skin tags can be very irratating as they catch against clothes and rub against the body in areas of friction. They can bleed when aggrovated and should be removed professionally. For more information, please click here.

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra
A common disorder which develops in adolesence on black skin and is identified by smooth dome shaped, brown to black papules seen mostly on the cheeks, neck and upper body.

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