Semi-Permanent makeup not only makes lif much easier by saving you time every day, but can also give you confidence that you are always looking your best. Semi-Permanent isn’t just for the convenience of makeup application, many people who require corrective aesthetic balances such as persons who have fair or fine eye brows.

What exactly is Semi- Permanent Makeup?
Semi Permanent makeup is cosmetic tattooing. The specialised techniques used for permanent cosmetics are often referred to as ‘micro pigmentation’, ‘micro pigment implantation’ or ‘derma graphics’. The cosmetics implant technique deposits coloured pigment into the upper reticular layer of the dermis.

Which Technician should I choose?
Choose a technician  who is experienced and qualified in semi-permanent makeup and has been  performing these treatments for many years.  It is important to remember  that the shape and proper placement of the procedure is as important as  the right colour. The desired look is obtained during the course of  consultation, initial procedure and follow up procedure. Interaction  between client and technician should be of the utmost importance before  proceeding with semi-permanent make-up.

  • Play Sport, Entertainers, models and actresses
  • Have bad eyesight (who find it hard to apply make-up)
  • Are physically incapable of applying make-up
  • Suffer from alopecia – vitaligo
  • Have oily skin and cannot keep make-up looking freshly made-up.
  • Men and woman who want asymmetrical correction of facial features * Uneven lips or eyebrows
  • Or if you just want to look your best all the time
  • Eyebrows — Soft Texture or Hair Imitation 3D EFFECT You can have perfectly shaped eyebrows all day everyday.
  • Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement
  • Subtle or dramatic eyeliner or eyelash enhancement creating a fantastic look. Emphasising your eyes, making your eyelashes look thicker giving the appearance of fuller, beautiful eyelashes.
  • Lip liner or Full Lip Colour
  • For sensual looking fuller lips that you’ve always dreamt of. Also for uneven, thin lips and to define for the perfect shape.

Who Benefits from Permanent Cosmetic Makeup?
Everyone from the young to the elderly who desire a soft, natural  enhancement to their appearance will enjoy the benefits of  semi-permanent make-up. Semi-permanent makeup is especially beneficial to people who cannot wear cosmetics due to allergies.

Common Questions About Semi-Permanent Makeup
Do you need a test and consultations?
Yes, you do and we will ask you questions to see if you are suitable to have this procedure and you will be shown photographs and discuss your needs and Eileen will help you deciding the shape and colour.

What does it feel like and is it painful?
You will have a topical anaesthetic to minimize discomfort; it does not hurt but feels like a scratching sensation.

How long does it last?
The pigment molecules do stay in the skin and last for many years but this depends on the clients skin type, age, colour used and lifestyle. Usually Semi-permanent make-up stays from 3-5yrs.

Do I have a choice of colours?
Yes, we work together and choose the shape and colour, this is very important, as many colours may have to be mixed together to achieve the best results. This will be explained in detail.

How long does it take?
Approximately 1hr 30mins, for a new procedure. Aftercare what is the procedure? You may be slightly swollen and the colour a little darker. This does not last for long only a few days. Healing takes approximately 6 weeks then the true colour emerges. You will be given advice on homecare and if needed you can phone for advice.

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